Red Squirrel Tree Surgeons responsive website

New Responsive Website

Red Squirrel Tree Surgeons website is performing well for terms such as “tree surgeons in West London”, “emergency tree work Ealing” and many others. These are extremely competitive terms which we are very happy to have organically got to the first page of Google and other search engines.

We work continuously on the Red Squirrel Tree Surgery website content but needed to create a new responsive website that still retained the same high quality search engine optimisation (SEO). The project achieved these aims by using new technology but retaining the existing content.


Keeping same style and logo create a new responsive website. The task was to still make the site look like RS Tree Surgeons but to take advantage of mobile technology to contact the large number of people who now use mobiles to search for tree surgeons and emergency tree work. 

  • Responsive website
  • Same high quality website SEO
  • Good visual impact
  • Project Details

    We began SEO work by liasing with the client to focus on the relevant search terms.  These needed to be specific for the business and also on who the target audience are. 

    We then began the SEO work  by adding relevant back end meta.  This is meta descriptions, meta titles, meta keywords and alt tags.

    We further enhanced the SEO for the website by working on the website content.  Content needs to reflect the search terms and relevance of each page.  We worked closely with the customer to get news and latest project information inputted to the website.  New content is key when working to increase your rankings on the web.

    Finally we worked on the Search Engine Optimization on a monthly basis to keep the rankings at their best.  This is done by updating the website content and tweaking the back end meta data.  This also included adding testimonials, news, photographs and staff updates to the website.



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