Web & Email Hosting

is the housing, maintaining and serving of files.

Web Management ensure that your internet business is priority, providing a stable hosting environment using up-to-date Unix and Windows servers. All websites require hosting in order to be viewed by internet surfers. If you are looking to host a multiple-portal e-commerce website or just need to have a reliable, managed business email address, Web Management can assist.

Web Management operates a number of Windows and UNIX servers all with tiered redundancy and mirrored storage. We operate on Windows Server and Ubuntu operating systems using PHP & ASPX connecting to MySQL & MSSQL databases. All of our websites have a content management system. We encourage our clients to work with us to whatever level they feel comfortable. This will ensure that content is kept up-to-date and SEO relevant. We run local and off-site backups every 24 hours. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual backups are also stored. This ensures that even issues that are not immediately obvious can be recovered.

Website Hosting is very important for your website and we can help.

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Web hosting services work by storing your website files in high-powered computers (web servers) connected to a very fast network. When someone types in your web address, the Internet connects to the web server holding your website files.  Then it transfers your website information back to their computer.  As a result from there they can surf and view the pages of your website.

All Websites require hosting in order to be viewed by web surfers. Website Hosting is important and should be carried out by a experienced company.

Anything related to managing these servers and its software, is what we are all about.  Whether it is security, support, bandwidth, speed and so much more! Therefore because we provide web hosting services to many websites, we have special servers that are built from the ground up offer the service of web hosting.

Web Management make use of Smart Mail as our preferred e-mail software.  Their mail server software provides a powerful, scalable hosted messaging platform for Microsoft Windows. Web Management offers stability, unsurpassed flexibility and an extensive feature set which allows us to provide cost-effective mail services.

We take SPAM very seriously and have invested heavily on anti SPAM software.  This ensures that our clients receive a very limited number of SPAM mails on a daily basis.  Everyone finds SPAM very annoying and time consuming in their email.  Therefore we work particularly hard on this to reduce and limit it.

If your business is a private or public limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership.  The Companies Act 2006 requires all of your business emails (and your letterhead and order forms).  To include the following details in legible characters:

  • Your company’s registered name (e.g. XYZ Ltd).
  • Your company registration number.
  • Your place of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales).
  • Your registered office address.

Not all emails will be relevant to your business but most companies will find it easier to add the information to all outgoing emails  This includes those messages that forward or reply to a third party’s email.

A mobile workforce is becoming an everyday occurrence for companies. Do they have access to all the data and documents they require? Is your data difficult to share around the workforce? Do you have data that has been buried in corporate warehouses?  Do you have easy access? Have all the Data Protection regulations been adhered too?

Web Management  have a data storage facility allowing our clients to store their data on our secure server where only authorised people all over the world can gain immediate access 24 hours a day 365 days a year?

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by WebManagement (UK) Ltd has been first class and highly impressive. Every aspect of their service has been beyond reproach and every member of staff has been courteous, polite and reliable.

Barry Wolstenholme Owner - CCAS Ltd


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