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Web Management provide domain registration, web management and website hosting for Westend Carpets in London.

We have carried out Content Management for Westend Carpets.  This is using a content management system program that helps in maintaining, controlling, changing and reassembling the content on a webpage.

Content on webpages must be managed like all other content. Web Content Management (WCM) is used to create, manage, store and display content on webpages.

As a very small business with a limited budget, but by the nature of our business have the need for a very good web site, the choice of who to use for our new site was crucial. I commissioned WM-UK to re build my web site in such a way that i could add and amend content easily and without compromising the design element that had been approved. The look of the site had to stay the same even with my clumsy and limited working knowledge. Also, as photographers the images on the site needed to be the key element in the design and for ease of use in amending and adding to the collection. I now have a portfolio that is easily divided into the different areas of expertise and browsed by potential clients simply and most importantly, quickly. This has been so successful that the site is now twice the size it was when I started and has been responsible for a significant increase in business, paying for itself many times over. We now have clients in areas that we would never have considered reaching in the past. In view of this, I never have any hesitation in recommending WM-UK to anyone who asks regarding ours or their own web sites.

Roger Barcham Owner - BMS Imaging



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